Johnnie Hubbard

Great service

"Great service and expert piano tuning. Love the furniture that I had refinished. Couldn't ask for anything any better."

December 1, 2017 Cara M

I highly recommend West

"I have relied on West Piano for their outstanding work for nearly 20 years - in purchasing my own piano, in maintaining my pianos, and also in purchasing and maintaining pianos for others, both private individuals and nonprofit/organizations. West Piano has generously sponsored a benefit concert for St. Elizabeth's Episcopal, where I am music director, for a number of years. The staff is warm and personable, flexible and accessible - I know I can trust them with any questions or concerns. They take the time to build relationships with their customers and their customers' musical needs. Their rebuilding work is outstanding and every time David tunes a piano I play, I can feel as well as hear the difference. When I was in search of a grand piano, West Piano helped me search and they knew as quickly as I did when they found the right one for me. I highly recommend West."

December 1, 2017 Hans Heerena

"They restored my antique square grand to beyond what I would have expected. Tuned it for years and gave instruction on how to up keep it. I have since moved to Richmond. The cost for tuning is way more and I have yet to find someone that does near of a good a job as West Piano. I really miss them."

August 2, 2017 Nadine D

true professional

"Dave is awesome and a true professional, my piano sounds beautiful! I would highly recommend West Piano to anyone."

August 2, 2017 Rebecca M

Fantastic job

"David West has been tuning my baby grand piano for the last twelve years, and I would never have anyone else do it. He is very friendly, reliable and does a fantastic job of maintaining my instrument for my teaching business. I very highly recommend!"

Anita F

Classic Timeless Service

"I had a wonderful experience with the amazing folks over at West Piano. They are staffed with an incredibly knowledgeable and professional personnel that have a classic way of dealing with their customers. Mr. West is the only option available for all things concerning piano as far as I am concerned. "

December 15, 2016 Bruce I.

West Piano did a fabulous restoration.

"A 1924 Steinway had been sitting in my grandmother’s living room for many years before being passed to my parents. The finish was checked and black from age and the sound was less than stellar from the 75 year-old internal parts. It sat unloved in my parent’s living room for many more years until they decided to downsize their house and began looking for its new home. No one in the family wanted the ugly duckling so, I gave it a home. I hired West Pianos to refurbish it and return it to its former glory. Once my family saw the beautiful finished product, they all wanted to take it home. It won’t be going anywhere. West Piano did a fabulous restoration and I get great satisfaction watching my family members kick themselves for letting this beauty get away."

December 15, 2016 Monty L

I highly recommend West Piano to anyone seeking piano service of any kind.

"My Sohmer & Co. grand piano was built late in 1900 and owned first by Herndon Slicer of Fincastle, VA, who was a well-known entertainer in the Roanoke area in the 1930s and 1940s. My grandmother, Viola Painter, bought the piano from his estate and used it for much of her career as a choral director and accompanist. I took my first lessons from her, in her living room, in the early 1960s, and I wanted the piano to be mine from that time onward. Next, I took lessons from Christine Arrington, another legendary teacher in Botetourt County. I loved playing, and would sometimes do so for several hours a day. After my grandmother’s death, the Sohmer moved in with me, even though it completely overwhelmed the room into which I put it. But by this time, it was somewhat the worse for wear: scratched and faded, badly sunburned on one side, and sadly untunable. I played seldom, even though I still adored the Sohmer, and wouldn’t consider letting it go. Then, about eight years ago, we added a room to our house – a room specifically for my piano! The beautiful new room deserved a beautiful "new" piano, too, so we contracted with West Piano for a complete rebuild and refinishing. Naturally, it took a while. But I cannot over-emphasize the quality and beauty of the work. The Sohmer’s cabinet now gleams. Best of all, the refurbished soundboard, new felts, hammers, and strings gleam, too. The technicians who did the work kept me constantly apprised or progress and paid attention to every detail, even going to great lengths to find a key to replace the long-lost fallboard key. The instrument’s "brilliant" tone has been fully restored. Best of all, the Sohmer still has its original ivories, with the few replacements carefully matched from a stockpile at West. I wish my skills as a musician matched this instrument’s history and glory! I cannot overemphasize my satisfaction with the service I received – service that continues whenever David West comes to do a tuning. I highly recommend West Piano to anyone seeking piano service of any kind."